Monday, November 12, 2012

Smite - Aegis Amulet and Ares

Today I uploaded a video of myself playing Thor in arena with 4 of my friends. The focus of the video was the Ares/Ao Kuang/He Bo combination that my team ran with and how that worked out against a team who didn't buy the Aegis Amulet. It obviously resulted in the Kuang getting two Quadra kills, a triple, and a few doubles with the He Bo also getting a couple of doubles. In the video I shortly talked about how I disagree with Aegis Amulet breaking No Escape and I want to go into a little more detail here.

I made the argument that Ares is the kind of hero who is defined by his ultimate. Can you really argue otherwise? Bolster Defenses is always a great buff, sure, but very rarely is it a game changer. Shackles offers a bit of nice utility from the slow and the potential increase to the effectiveness of Bolster Defenses but again, nothing too special. Searing Flesh is a pretty powerful spell in the early game but the damage is pretty laughable in the mid and late games unless you're using it to simply finish off weakened opponents.

That leaves his ultimate, No Escape. No Escape is honestly one of the best abilities in the entire game and probably the best initiation spell in the game... if no one buys Aegis Amulet that is. Aegis Amulet completely shuts down the ultimate with 100% reliability as long as its off cooldown. Granted, it is much better than having Purification Beads break it.

No other god is shut down as hard as Ares is from an ability item.

"But... But Harth... The Kalydonian Boar stun is removed from Artemis' ult when using Purification Beads!"

The Kalydonian Boar still deals damage even if you break out of the stun... besides, Artemis doesn't need that stun to output insane amounts of damage in any stage of the game.

"But characters with leaps or dashes can get out of Hades' ultimate!"

Not every god has a leap or a dash nor can any character buy one for a mere 700 gold.


The question is: can anything be done to make this better? I'm not actually sure. I don't agree with the way it works but I can't really think of an alternative without modifying how No Escape actually works. If there just wasn't any way to get out of the pull then I THINK it might be a bit too strong. Perhaps it should be changed to a flat one second stun without the duration increase for each enemy pulled. This would require any abilities  used in combination with No Escape like Searing Pain, Spirit's Tempest, or Crushing Wave to have a little bit more of a timing or split second reaction to connect.

Nonetheless, I don't know how Hi-rez feels on the subject. I don't know if they are happy with the way it currently works or if they're still looking at other solutions. However, if this doesn't get changed I would hope that Hi-rez would consider buffing Ares in other departments. I think that making Ares invulnerable to damage during No Escape would be a great change to really help bring him to where he needs to be. After all, Freya is invulnerable to damage during Valkyrie's Discretion.



Remember that video I talked about at the beginning of the article?

Here it is!

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