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This is the part that I hate. Talking about myself, that is. Honestly, I absolutely despise trying to adequately describe myself. Let's see what I can manage.

First off, let me get my name out of the way. "Harth" is not my real name. Obviously. "Harth" is a surname of German origin which I originally started using as a persona name for the full contact LARP called Belegarth. My original persona was of German origin and I found it fitting. Since then I've used it as an online handle. You can also find me in places on the Internet under the name "Liberally Lubricated Llama" or simply "Lubricated Llama".

Two of my favorite hobbies are writing and video games. As such it seems fairly obvious that I'm pursuing video game media/journalism as a career. I've loved writing in all forms for a long time. Of course, I also like making videos about video games. Over on my Youtube channel you can find various videos related to World of Warcraft, MMO Discussion, competitive games, and the occasional let's play. In short, I like writing and talking into a microphone.

Let's talk Late Game Edge for a moment. This blog is my attempt at actually getting back into blogging and doing it in a consistent manner. Will I succeed? Hopefully. Competitive gaming is, to me, one of the most enjoyable types of gaming. However, I feel the need to clarify something. Do you see the banner at the top of the page? It says "Terribly Competitive, Competitively Terrible". What does that mean? It means I'm terrible at video games, but I love competitive play anyway.

I don't know why but people always seem to confuse competitive gaming with E-sports. Yes, E-sports is competitive gaming but the reverse isn't always true. Competitive gaming is simply any form of video game with a player vs. player multiplayer component. First person shooters, MOBAs, MMORPGs, anything with player vs player gameplay. The skill level doesn't matter, it can be the lowest of low or the highest of high, its all enjoyable to me.

I truly enjoy competing against other people (again, skill level is irrelevant here) and I hope to use this blog to share my love of competitive gaming.I'm going to shut up now because I feel like I've gone on too long about nothing in particular. If you would like to get in contact with me then you can do several things:
  • Send me a message on Youtube (see link above) 
  • Send me a message on Twitter (see link above) 
  • Leave a comment on one of the articles here 
  • Send me an e-mail at Harth9001@gmail.com

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